Pick something small, nippy and very sensible

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

It's official: small cars are definitely the way to go these days. And if the situation wasn't complicated enough, there are so many to choose from in various shapes, sizes and engine fuel types.

One car that I find myself recommending as a default choice for upstarts, particularly our important and valuable females looking for affordable wheels, is the Chevrolet Aveo.

Be it that you want a peppy small engine with a manual or automatic, it can be done up. Space for luggage is quite enough and occupants will never moan about leg and headroom.

These, mixed with the finest driving qualities in the segment, frugal fuel consumption and a reliability track record that's constantly pushing up the ranks, makes it a most welcome partner in these days of a depressed economy.

But if you want something that matches the standards I've highlighted but is a bit smaller or even cheaper, then sample the Aveo's baby sister, the Chevrolet Spark.

You will find it cutely appealing and downright sensible.

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