Ido Lekota

Ido Lekota

A new Black Consciousness Movement-aligned political party will be officially launched next month.

On Saturday leaders of the Socialist Party of Azania (Sopa) and Black People's Convention (BPC) announced they would merge to form a new BCM political party.

This is the culmination of unity talks between the Azanian People's Organisation (Azapo), Sopa and BPC.

The unity talks were facilitated by members of the BCM Leadership Forum, among them BC stalwarts Ben Khoapa, former Azapo president Ishmael Mkhabela, conflict management specialist Thabo Ndabeni and former Azanian Student Movement organiser Pule Monama.

On Saturday Mkhabela said it was time they stopped "talking about unity and just implemented it".

Sopa president Lybon Mabasa said the new party was committed to ensuring that "the black majority was in control of the country's resources, including land and its mineral resources".

BPC general secretary Kedibone Malema said the new party "would serve as an alternative for black people who are currently not in control of the resources of the country".

But Azapo has distanced itself from the new party.

Its general secretary, Strike Thokoane, yesterday said Azapo believed the issues of leadership and the party's name have to be decided by a congress of members of all three parties.