Hope for MDC, Zanu-PF peace talk agreement

Sicelo Dladla

Sicelo Dladla

Zimbabwean opposition parties are expected to sign a peace talk agreement with Zanu-PF today.

At a meeting in Durban on Saturday, the SADC ministerial committee on politics, defence and security resolved to reaffirm the Zimbabwean mediation process led by President Thabo Mbeki.

It also affirmed that a lot had been done to ensure peace and stability in that country.

Other proposals include a power-sharing deal with Zanu-PF and the MDC. The committee said it was working hard to ensure that there is progress on the Zimbabwean situation ahead of the SADC summit in South Africa next month.

Meanwhile, the Angolan foreign minister João Bernardo de Miranda appealed to regional leaders not to allow the Zimbabwean crisis to divide them.

"The SADC unity and cohesion is being 'fragilised and threatened' by the ongoing electoral impasse in Zimbabwe," he said.