Hlabane seems to have lost it

Has boxing trainer Norman Hlabane gone mad?

Has boxing trainer Norman Hlabane gone mad?

Or must I call for the abolishment of Boxing SA's sanctioning committee for giving Hlabane an undeserved platform to rubbish boxing referee André Smale.

Last Wednesday Hlabane's boxer Joseph Modise was rescued from imminent danger against Nick Durandt's fighter Warren Joubert.

We complained bitterly three weeks ago when Alan Matakane took long to stop a one-sided fight between Mfundo Gwayana and Samora Msophi.

Now Smale stops a fight early, and he is still rubbished. What exactly do we want from these people who put their lives and those of their families at risk for nothing, and yet are paid peanuts, by the way?

Anyway, the Joubert-Modise fight formed part of Rodney Berman's development tournament at Emperors Palace. The Golden Gloves Class of 2008 all got pass marks.

The main contest pitted Joubert against Modise in the lightweight division. The limit is 61,24kg.

But due to unforeseen reasons they fought in an agreed catchweight of 60kg.

Modise weighed 59,90kg, while Joubert weighed 56,76kg.

On face value Modise was the stronger. But in reality it was not so, because it was not known what his weight was before he was offered that fight, which came too soon.

Modise fought on June 20. It was a bloody slug fest over six rounds with Hendry "Nsimbi" Ngubane.

Now June 20 to July 15 - almost 15 days to recuperate, not preparing accordingly for an always supremely conditioned Warren.

That is where the sanctioning committee should have stamped its authority - safety consideration.

Now remember Durandt and Hlabane do not like each other. It's always a war between them. Warren and Modise took it further. Modise was exhausted, and bones stuck out of his face.

Fitness began to tell in the later rounds and Warren was now delivering power blows. Smale stopped that brutality in the fifth round.

Hlabane threw his toys out of the cot - safety first madala (old toppie), you will get more 25 percent purses in the future if Modise lives.

I take my leave.