'Everyone must be an evangelist'

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

Before any one can be an evangelist for Christ you must first mature as a Christian, Pastor Jabu Nkosi of the Holy Bible Focus Church in Daveyton told members of his congregation yesterday.

Nkosi said the purpose of his church was to turn Christians into evangelists who should then bring sinners back to the fold.

"But before this can be achieved the matured Christian must, at the outset, be like an experienced fisherman - trained in all aspects of the craft," he said.

Reading from several books in the Bible, Nkosi said that King David loved the Word of God because it protected him against sin, revived his spirit and gave him peace of mind.

Nkosi quoted from Psalm 116, verses 1 and 2. He asked members to emulate David who showed his trust in and obedience to the Lord when he said: "l love the Lord, for he heard my voice, he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me , I will call on him as long as I live."