Leaders should lead by example

Your article, "Academic comes to Malema's aid", on July 14, refers.

Your article, "Academic comes to Malema's aid", on July 14, refers.

I'm shocked by Malegapuru Mokgoba's defence of Julius Malema and Zwelinzima Vavi's statements.

Mokgoba says there is nothing exaggerated about Malema and Vavi's utterances.

But as leaders of the youth and labour movements, their utterances were unacceptable. We expect leaders to lead by example not by threats.

They even defied a call on them to apologise. Are they above the law because they are members of the NEC of the ANC?

Is it part of a ploy to disorganise people who have a dissenting view about Jacob Zuma becoming the next president of the country?

I thought we lived in a democratic country where everyone had the right to choose whoever they want to lead them.

We do not expect to be threatened with death if one has a dissenting view.

Citizens voted for this government and it will be the people of this country who will decide who the next president is.

Mokgoba's mind is limited to thinking that only Zuma can lead the country.

But there are many great leaders out there who can take the country to even greater heights.

Vuyisile Wauchope,Johannesburg