HE simply HAD one too many

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

A Mpumalanga police inspector might be kicked out of the force after being found "poepdronk" in full police uniform and carrying a service pistol on the street, police said yesterday.

The officer had just knocked off from work when he allegedly went to a tavern in full police uniform and with his service pistol visible.

Accompanied by an unidentified woman the lawman spent some time imbibing and was seen jaywalking out of the tavern.

He went to a busy road and hitch-hiked, asking Barbertonbound vehicles for a lift.

Witnesses told Sowetan that they were surprised to see the uniformed cop standing in front of moving cars.

"Pedestrians and motorists were surprised when he stepped into the middle of the busy road and caused chaos," an eyewitness said.

"Everybody watched in dismay as he lay down in the road but were afraid to confront him since he had a gun," another witness said.

"When I saw him coming towards me I thought there was a roadblock or accident and he wanted to advise us on what we should do," a motorist said.

"It was only when he came closer that I realised that the man was intoxicated and trembling."

When Sowetan arrived at the scene the officer and his companion were playing with the gun.

His colleagues at the Nelspruit police station were called and they confiscated his pistol.

Superintendent Hitler Ubisi said when he removed the gun from the cop's hip, the man did not appear to be feeling anything.

He only regained consciousness after he was handcuffed.

He said the officer would face an internal disciplinary hearing soon.