Sweet car deals coming up

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

"With the average new vehicle price having increased by about 22percent from R151 536 in 2003 to R184 560 this year, it would seem that used cars might just be the right substitute in today's tight economic climate" says McCarthy Limited CEO Brand Pretorius.

"Economic conditions might be a bit pressing but the need to be mobile remains intact," Pretorius says. "Used cars certainly look to be the best solution."

Pre-owned cars, particularly of a "young age", are a sure way to get a set of wheels.

Subaru SA has just brought out the latest Subaru Forester range. The outgoing model remains highly attractive in terms of reliability, proven performance, a capacious cabin with enough luxury items and excellent fuel consumption for non-turbo models.

Nissan recently ushered in its latest X-Trail midi-SUV. The previous models are going for a steal.

Anyone who can stomach the latest fuel prices and wants a dependable, highly comfortable SUV should look at the X-Trail, particularly the entry-level 2,0-litre frontwheel drive model.

Nissan will officially bid adios to the Grandfather Nissan 1400 bakkie this week. They will be going for a song . So pop into a Nissan dealer and ask.

High fuel prices and repayments have seen some strange happenings in the industry.

Oddities such as "buy a car now and pay next year" should be approached with vigilance as should "buy a new car and get free fuel for the year". Read the fine print.