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Sello Rabothata

Sello Rabothata

While the Premier Soccer League hopes to address the complexities of the National First Division for the coming season, Jomo Sono believes the issue should first be left in the hands of the clubs involved.

Sono, whose club Jomo Cosmos has been relegated to the First Division along with Black Leopards, says the issue cannot be left in the hands of the league's board of governors to decide on.

"We know this issue was agreed upon by all parties when suggested by then PSL chief executive Trevor Phillips and the SAB. Now, even though constitutionally it is correct, we have a serious problem and we have to address it," says Sono.

"My view is that we first have a meeting of all the clubs that will be campaigning in the First Division to debate the matter. Once that has been done we can then take our proposal to the board who can then be guided by that in their meeting."

He feels that the other way round will just be a top-down decision and tantamount to them being spoon-fed.

"Personally, I don't have a problem whether we have one or two streams but addressing the issue as suggested will be the best way to go.

"Nowhere in the world do we have such a system, it's only us and Phillips' argument was that it was to make our game more exciting.

"Seemingly we now have a problem rather than excitement."

Sono also feels the playoff system should be reviewed with the two top teams in the First Division being promoted and the bottom two in the Premiership being relegated automatically.

"That will help give the teams promoted time to get into the market for players while there is time. It will also help give everybody enough time to rest in the off-season," concludes Sono.

The league is faced with a problem of there being 10 teams in the inland stream while the coastal one has six after the promotion of Maritzburg United and Bay United to the elite league.

The PSL's chief operations officer, Ronnie Schloss, has said the issue will be addressed at the executive meeting on July 31 and that it will be resolved by the board of governors before the kickoff on August 30.