Civic 5-door has stronger style

Mabuyane Kekana

Mabuyane Kekana

It's been a while since the Honda Civic hatch 1,8i-VTEC VXi petrol joined the long-term fleet. The journey has been nothing but good.

The Honda Civic is still as obedient as an old dog. One of the most difficult brands to put on long-term test is Honda.

For the second time around I have not had an incident in which I had to take my long-termer to the dealer for anything.

The Civic 5-door was designed to be more individual and has stronger style.

At first glance the new styling would suggest limited interior practicality. But the new Civic redefines interior packaging standards, and combines futuristic design with versatility, practicality and utility.

The electronic display occupying the upper portion features a central speedometer, the rev indicator to its left and an Eco indicator to the right (showing the instant fuel economy).

Beneath this are the multi-information display with odometer, trip (twin trip), outside temperature, drive computer (instant fuel consumption, available cruising range, average vehicle speed, average fuel economy, elapsed time) and an enlarged warning light area.

The multi-functional steering wheel retains the current Honda layout, offering good operability.

On the top left-hand side are the audio remote control switches, and on the opposite side the cruise control buttons.

On the bottom left are the navigation system recognition controls and on the opposite side the multi-info display switches.

Our long-term 1,8i-VTEC VXi sells for R219900.