Handle these little tiffs or it might result in grudges

How to tackle sibling rivalry:

How to tackle sibling rivalry:

lNever make comparisons. Each child is unique and rightly resents being compared to someone else.

Each child should be given his own goals and levels of expectation that relate only to him.

lDon't dismiss or suppress a child's resentment or anger.

Anger is not something we should avoid at all costs. It's a normal part of being human and it's certainly normal for siblings to get angry with one another.

lTry to avoid situations that promote guilt. Teach children that feelings and actions are not synonymous.

It might be normal to want to hit the baby on the head, but parents must stop it. Intervention must be quick and decisive.

lWhen possible, let siblings settle their own differences. It sounds good, but it can be terribly unfair in practice.

Parents have to judge when it is time to step in and mediate.

Some long-lasting grudges among grown siblings start when their minority rights are not protected. - Child Development Info