Leutsoa is no more

Tumi Sebusi

Tumi Sebusi

The sudden death of Ntate Nkadimeng Vincent Leutsoa, a teacher, mentor, father figure and tireless community worker, has sent shock waves through Sharpeville.

He died at his home on Monday after a long illness. He was 79. He was the first black librarian in the then Orange Vaal.

Sharpeville Library, later renamed the Nkadimeng Leutsoa Library, was very popular and gained a lot from Leutsoa's 40 years of experience.

A staunch member of the Anglican Church, Leutsoa was born on June 5 1929 in Gumtree in Ficksburg, Free State.

In 1933 his father brought him to Benoni and they later moved to Sharpeville.

He married Caroline Nkhi with whom he had five daughters.

Leutsoa started school in the Free State, where he completed his teacher's course.

He also completed a diploma with the South African Library Association in Pietersburg.

He later taught at Harmonia Farm School in Ficksburg and at Bulamadiboho in Evaton.

After he left teaching he was encouraged to start a library to cater for the needs of black people in the township.

Teachers, students and ministers benefitted a lot from this project.

The author of Ha li feleLitumo, he was very interested in culture. He was also interested in uplifting his community as a Christian. He collected and distributed food parcels to the poor.

Leutsoa also formed a women's association and encouraged women to join the Red Cross Society.

He organised firefighters for the Vereeniging town council and a cleaning campaign at schools and in the community.

He is survived by four daughters, 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Leutsoa's only sister lives in Lesotho.

He will be buried tomorrow at Phelandaba Cemetery. The service starts at 7am at the Anglican Church in Sharpeville.