'Fleeced by fly-by-night agency'

Martin Mncube alleges that he has been swindled out of R6500 by recruitment agency GPP Logistix in Johannesburg.

Martin Mncube alleges that he has been swindled out of R6500 by recruitment agency GPP Logistix in Johannesburg.

The first complaints against the recruitment agency's chief executive, a Mrs Claire, who refused to give her surname, surfaced in April this year.

A number of our readers complained that they were not paid by GPP Logistix for services they had rendered for the recruitment agency.

Mpho Serumula claimed that she had signed a five-year courier contract with GPP Logistix and had done work for the company, but it had not paid her for any of her services.

Serumula was allocated work with Courier Direct, a company in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni, by GPP Logistix. She said that people who had been placed with other companies by GPP Logistix had experienced the same problems as she had.

GPP Logistix required that applicants pay a R5000 registration fee, which has now gone up to R6500, before placing them with companies.

Mncube said that he wanted to start a courier service and called to make an appointment with Claire.

Mncube said when she told him that her agency was not "a fly-by-night recruitment company like the ones that are ripping off consumers", he agreed to a pay a joining fee of R6500.

"I also agreed to pay a further R410 for the insurance of goods in transit to GPP."

But Mncube said that GPP Logistix did not place him with a company and he did not work at all. He said that every time he enquired, he was given a different excuse.

"If they were not negotiating new rates with clients, they were experiencing load shedding and when they ran out of excuses they just hung up when I mentioned my name," he said.

He found himself a courier job with Copper Eagles Courier in Heidelberg, Gauteng, at no cost.

"All I did was to sign an agreement to deliver goods for them - without paying a cent - and I get paid for my services as I deliver," Mncube said.

Abrie Beette, the owner of Copper Eagle, said he does not charge his agents membership or joining fees.

"There is no need to charge people joining fees in the courier business. Why must I charge people who are in need of money to earn a living?"

Beette said that he respected people who want to improve their lives and if he can help them reach their desired goals, he is happy to give them the jobs they want.

Claire said that Consumer Line is making a mountain out of a molehill about Mncube's allegations.

"Mncube is the only person complaining and I do not see how it can make a plausible consumer story," said Claire, adding that she was not a fan of newspapers and did not want to comment on how she ran her business.

The Gauteng Office of Consumer Affairs has agreed to consider Mncube's matter.