Mhlongo owns up to lies about accident car

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Actor and singer Somizi Mhlongo has admitted that the Audi A3, in which his friend Gordon Segonyela was killed last week, did no belong to him but to a friend - actress Diopelo Maphathe.

Mhlongo, who last week said the car belonged to him, revealed the truth after Sunday newspapers exposed his lies.

Another lie was that the car was an Audi TT when in fact it was an A3.

According to weekend reports Maphathe and Mamello Mokuena had come forward to claim ownership of the car that was involved in an horrific accident near Diepsloot when Segonyela was on his way to Rustenburg. He died and was buried yesterday.

Mhlongo had also claimed that the car was brand-new. Yesterday the gay star changed his tune.

"Thet Audi A3 was not mine, it was Diopelo's car," he admitted. "She left it with me when she went to Victoria Falls. The car was four days old. I took her to the airport and parked it at my place."

Asked why he had claimed the car was his, Mhlongo said he was protecting his friend.

"Diopelo is my best friend and I did not want to reveal that information to the media. I waited until she came back. Diopelo's aunt was at the police station with me," he said.