Growing old ... is a luxury I can afford

"Age is a beautiful phase

"Age is a beautiful phase

I am at peace with my Journey

Moving with contentment to its end

Where it will be at ease

Reflect upon the treasure gathered

Sharing with those that have none

Age is not an omen or fear

Terrifying in its presence

Announcing the imminence of death

It is the realisation that winter's sun has a vestige of warmth

That will pleasure my days

Age is a sanctuary

that will transform itself into an oasis

That is the terminus of my travel

Leaving me to reflect

The years gathered have turned into a pattern

Of periods of time

Age is an intoxicant

that becomes headier through the years

With its potency making merry in my sojourn

In each passageway

Savouring the sweetness of my stay

That shall fortify me for the years forthcoming

Age is a beautiful phase

ease out of the suck-filled sweetness of despair

The lengthening of days is not a fear-filled passageway

paralysing my being

Enriched by an accumulation of joy

Accrued through the years

A casket heavily laden with time's trivialities

Lovingly gathered

Blissfully savoured

Memories of periods past

Mementos of the past

through the springtime of youth

Exchanging each mask worn

To the winters of age

The cycle of seasons

Depicting a period in time

Leading to where I am

Growing old

Is a luxury I can afford"

l The author of this poem, aptly titled Age, is James Matthews,pictured, who is featured in Band of Troubadours, a collection of writings by 43 authors, who were honoured via the yearly South African Literary Award over the past three years.