Boost your financial intelligence

Abdul Milazi

Abdul Milazi

Money alone does not solve your money problems - financial intelligence does.

This is according to world best selling author Robert Kiyosaki, who will be in the country next week to promote his new book, Increase Your Financial IQ.

In his book he says it is not the love of money that is evil, but the lack of it that causes evil.

With the high interest rates and soaring petrol and food prices, many consumers are finding it difficult to service their debts.

American humourist, Evan Esar, once said: "The mint makes it first, it is up to you to make it last." But the problem is very few people know how.

According to online money advice company South Africans use as much as 75percent of their income to service debt.

Experts say if you owe more than you own on a monthly basis, and spend more than you earn, you need a lesson in budgeting. But more importantly you need to get smart with your money.

The old adage "knowledge is power" has never been more relevant than in current times where many people sell their homes and cars to survive.

Getting out of a financial pickle is as easy as getting into it. It starts with changing your habits. Start by cutting out luxuries.

l Do you really need DSTV? While the four local public television channels are notorious for their boring recycling of the same programmes, Multichoice does the same thing over 80 channels.

l The gym may be a great eye candy spot, but no body - no matter how well sculptured - is worth R3000 a year to watch.

l You spend R1000 on groceries every month, and yet pay R100 for a meal at a restaurant for a R20 home cooked equivalent.

l You don't need to buy clothes every month, so you don't need store cards.

l You see your spouses every night, so stop calling them 12 times a day on your cellphone.

l Remember that cash is king - that's why most criminals favour cash. So stop living on credit.