Strike a bargain on new and used cars

Phuti Mpyane

Phuti Mpyane

This is not a good week at all for motorists. As you read this, fuel will cost more than it did yesterday.

But potential owners of any new Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler product needn't worry. The HQ has announced it will give free fuel worth

R15000 with any new car sale on its wide range.

Run-away inflation is a sore thumb for buyers and dealers alike. But regardless of the tensions, life soldiers on and the need for mobility is at an all-time high. We are therefore including a new section in Road Rave to aid you. So, if you want to know where the best bargains on new or pre-owned vehicles and sweetened vehicle finance deals can be found, read this section every Wednesday.

In my first outing of searching for good deals, I was reunited with the Lexus IS250, a car that should have won the SA "Car of the Year" when it arrived in the country.

A dealer in the Midrand area, principal-led by the first black Lexus dealer principal, will sell you a new IS250 at less four percent of the official price.

Undoubtedly fuel prices have got people interested in smaller cars. Remember the Nissan Almera that replaced the legendary Sentra? I found a couple of unused ones at a Nissan dealer that recently opened in the Woodmead area. They are going for a steal at less R20000 their original price. A bubbly, shaven-headed sales agent says she will spice up the car with a large and shiny alloy wheel - at a price of course.