Nadeco attacks AU over Mugabe

Mhlaba Memela

The National Democratic Convention (Nadeco) has lashed the African Union for extending a warm welcome to President Robert Mugabe at their summit in Egypt.

Nadeco president Hawu Mbatha said he was deeply disappointed by the "nonsensical one-man" election in Zimbabwe. He said African leaders were to blame for Zimbabwe's demise.

"None of these leaders realise how their acceptance and support for an arrogant Mugabe" has perpetuated his dictatorship.

Mbatha said Mugabe is constantly made to feel like a hero while ordinary people continue to suffer under his regime.

"When Mugabe enters any country on the African continent African leaders give him a standing ovation as if he is a symbol of hope and inspiration," he said.

He said that "until African leaders decide to absolutely isolate Mugabe", democracy will never be restored and the people of that country will never be free.

"Dictatorship is proving to be a rather valuable style of leadership because African leaders continue to congratulate Mugabe the dictator for destroying the lives of many Zimbabweans, ruining the economy and for the rape and murder of many women and children."