NO, SOMIZI is definitely not dead

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Contrary to rumours that Somizi Mhlongo died in a car accident early on Sunday morning, the choreographer is very much alive.

Mhlongo was presumed dead after his brand-new Audi TT was involved in a horrific accident near Diepsloot. Instead it is Mhlongo's friend, Gordon Sekonyela, who was driving Mhlongo's car, who died in the accident.

"Since news of the accident broke I have not had a moment's rest," Mhlongo said. "My phone is ringing constantly with calls from shocked friends and relatives.

"Gordon Sekonyela was a friend and also looked like me. Aside from driving my car, my belongings and driver's licence led them to believe it was me.

"My friendship with Gordon blossomed after he became my and Kelly Khumalo's hairstylist. The previous night we had been at Capellos. When we left Gordon asked if he could drive my new Audi TT but I refused.

"When we got home he asked to spend the night. But when I woke up at 2am the blankets were still undisturbed in the lounge and Gordon was nowhere to be found. To my horror, neither were my brand- new wheels.

"I made frantic calls to him but his phone was permanently on voice mail."

By that time Sekonyela had in fact already been dead.

The car had overturned and thrown its occupant into the street.

"Gordon was from Rustenburg and I suspect he was on his way home," Mhlongo said. "I am not sure which is the worst nightmare - losing a friend to a horrific crash after he had betrayed my trust or losing a new car."