An intelligent portrayal of everyday life short stories

It is amazing to note how people sometimes behave.

It is amazing to note how people sometimes behave.

This is well illustrated by Jane Bennett in her book Porcupine, an intelligently written collection of short stories. The stories reflect how people behave in their lives, especially in South Africa.

The stories cover themes such as gender-based violence and sexual desires, South African history and the lives of beggars.

The South African situation we experience every day - beggars at every street corner, how blacks were treated in the past and the HIV-Aids pandemic - are well covered.

In Crucifix rape is used as an example of gender-based violence against women. The narration employs a religious approach to bring the issue into the public domain as a way of addressing it.

In Extreme motherhood Bennett uses a film project that tackles a number of issues. Race and history are at the centre of conflict in this piece.

The project revolves around an Afrikaans family and a young boy of 11 and a baby whose mother died of Aids.

If you enjoy reading good, intellectually written books, this is a good read. For those who enjoy poetry, this book is also for you.