'Subdue the devil with the Holy Spirit'

Pastor Lucky Williams. Pic. Dan Fuphe. 29/06/08. © Sowetan.
Pastor Lucky Williams. Pic. Dan Fuphe. 29/06/08. © Sowetan.

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

For the devil to be fought and defeated, the Christian community must first be pregnant with the Holy Spirit, members of the Rapha Church in Welgedacht, Springs, were told by Pastor Lucky Williams, pictured, yesterday.

Williams said for this to happen all people belonging to the Christian faith needed to lift the banner of Jesus high without any doubt or fear of the devil's attack

He said the Bible taught us that today Christians are not engaged in a fight against flesh and blood, but against the principality of darkness perpetrated by the devil.

Reading from Exodus Chapter 17, verse 15, Williams reminded the congregants that God would not allow his children to bear a cross they would not be able to shoulder or carry.

"Your cross is equal to your strength. If you avoid carrying it, you are dead in Christ. If any person declares himself your enemy, please don't see that person as such. But as your challenge or cross that you must bear," he said.

Williams said the problem facing churchgoers was that while they aspired to be in the Kingdom of God, they still found themselves rooted in other kingdoms.

"When this happens we must allow God Almighty to reprogramme our thoughts." Williams said.

"Because man is the most powerful being in the universe, man does not need to pray big to chase away or fight the devil. All we need is to say, He lives and our prayers will be answered."

The congregants also prayed for the country, President Thabo Mbeki and the ANC ahead of the next elections.

In his prayer for Mbeki, Williams asked God that Mbeki may be blessed with a discerning spiritual eyes and govern with wisdom during his last lap as president of South Africa.

"As Christians we might have the same worship spirit, but not the same magnitude of calling. That is why we have major and minor Apostles serving God," Williams said.