I just do not trust my boyfriend

I hope you can give me some real advice about a relationship.

I hope you can give me some real advice about a relationship.

I am in love with the father of my child and we are about to get married. My problem is that I don't trust him. I feel unsure about him all the time.

I live in Johannesburg and he lives in Durban. He knows that I don't trust him. He keeps telling me how much he loves me and that he will never cheat on me, but I still don't believe him. His family loves me and a part of me believes that he loves me, but I am not sure.



Sister, pull yourself together before you chase this man away with silly insecurities.

You do not mention why you don't trust him, so I presume that it is because you have a problem trusting, and not because he has cheated or done anything to make you mistrust him.

If this is the case you have to stop right now. Any person who is faithful but is constantly doubted will eventually get fed up and either leave or do the very things you've accused them of.

Stop before you chase him into the arms of a woman who will welcome his love, and believe him when he says it.

The fact is, he has asked you to marry him so that would indicate that he does really love you, and wants to make a future with you and your child. Instead of pushing him away with constant doubt, thank him for his love and return it. Do it for your sake, his, and for your child. If you can't, then shut up and stop verbalising your doubt.