Demand for accountants

Chartered accountants are in huge demand in South Africa and abroad.

Chartered accountants are in huge demand in South Africa and abroad.

Research by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) revealed that an astonishing 285 chartered accountants serve on the boards of the JSE's 100 best-performing companies:

l A total of 18percent of all the chairmen, 22percent of all chief executives and 82percent of all the chief financial officers of the top 50 JSE-listed companies in the country are chartered accountants (CAs);

l In a month-long survey conducted by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants [CA(SA)], of all the job advertisements in a local daily business newspaper, 20percent of the advertisements were for CAs.

Saica is going to great lengths to persuade high school pupils with a maths flair, as well as university students studying accountancy to become chartered accountants.

The prime thrust of Saica's recruitment strategy is to highlight the advantages of a CA(SA) designation:

l The profession is challenging and exciting;

l CAs can work internationally;

l CAs are encouraged to pursue a balanced lifestyle that promotes work flexibility and the ability to earn a good living;

l Multiple career opportunities;

l The CA(SA) designation makes for mobility to work in any industry, in all fields of business and finance, in auditing/assurance, tax, financial management, information technology, management accounting, forensic accounting and insolvency; and

l CAs hold prestigious positions in the private and public sector and in academia.

To become a CA, studies have to be completed at a SAICA-accredited university. The requirements are a matric exemption certificate, no less than a C symbol in maths and good English. Accounting is recommended, but not compulsory.


l A learnership with a Saica approved training office;

l A 36-month full-time learnership or a 48-month part-time learnership;

l Part one Qualifying Examination (QE1);

l Specialist course in financial management or auditing;

l Eighteen months practical experience;

l Part two, Qualifying Examination (QE2).

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