Shame to the City of Joburg for this action

Your article, "Kicked out into cold of winter", of June 18 refers.

Your article, "Kicked out into cold of winter", of June 18 refers.

It is sickening to read about people being forcibly removed from what they have been calling their homes for years, even if it is just a one-room shack.

My understanding is that if you want to remove someone you first have to secure another place where they can go.

Our courts have said this over and over.

It is surprising that this kind of forced removal only happens in Johannesburg.

How many people have the City of Joburg removed only to be told by the courts that they first have to relocate them with all their belongings.

But they just don't seem to understand or accept the law, so they do as they please.

For goodness sake, these are the same people who voted them into power.

Can you imagine what happens to a 77-year-old man outside in this cold? I can't stand it myself and I am much younger to be this man's daughter.

While they sleep in beds warmed by electric blankets and sit in front of their heaters this man has no place to go. Worse, they took away his corrugated iron just to make sure he definitely has no shelter.

Shame on the housing department and on the City of Joburg.

It is worse than before.

Bellah Lebona, Johannesburg