Selomo may lose his assets

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

A Limpopo musician is set to lose a substantial amount of his assets after a court order that they be attached.

Jonathan Selomo, aka Johnyboy, was found guilty of defaming a fellow musician.

Selomo allegedly claimed that self-proclaimed king of kwasakwasa music Steve Sefofa, aka Malo-a-Botsheba, had stolen his backing dancers.

Selomo also allegedly claimed Sefofa had blocked his deals from materialising during recordings or before performances.

The claims did not go down well with Sefofa, who successfully sued Selomo for defamation.

Soon after the outcome of the lawsuit Selomo's lawyers were asked to make a submission on whether they wanted to challenge the decision.

But the lawyers failed to do so.

Now Sefofa's lawyers have successfully applied for an order to attach Selomo's assets. Sefofa's lawyer, Justice Ramafalo, said Selomo's assests would be attached on September 3.

"We have decided to proceed with the matter because we have given Selomo's lawyer enough time to appeal and he has failed to do so," Ramafalo said yesterday.

He said the assets to be attached included four of Selomo's cars.

"What now remains is to advertise the sale of Selomo's properties and once that has been done the sheriff will be at liberty to attach," Ramafalo said.

Sefofa said it had not been his intention to disrupt Selomo's life but he had decided to proceed because of Selomo's arrogance.

He said according to the two dancers, Selomo had told them that he did not want them anymore.

Selomo's lawyer, Hlanganani Mushwana, refuted claims that the time to appeal had lapsed.

"I am aware that we reacted late in terms of filing notice to appeal. But that has been noted now," Mushwana said.

He said he was in the process of making an application to the high court for trial.

"For now I will proceed with the application for condonation for a late filing of notice to appeal. To my knowledge the judgement on the matter has been suspended by my notice of appeal."