Positive results in 20 days

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

Having cruised through my teens as one of the chosen ones, I was rattled when my skin did a 180-degree turn-about and made me the victim of acne lately.

I tried various methods that involved throwing bucket loads of money into the river by buying of dud products.

I also tried using hormonal treatments - to no avail.

In the end I revisited the Danne Montague King skin clinic in Kelvin. I had gone for their famous alkaline wash combined with enzyme therapy about a year ago.

The results had been sterling of course but my maid's budget made me a stranger to their clinic.

On the day of my acne treatment I was lucky enough to be attended by the lady who had worked on my skin before.

While Najma agreed that adult acne was common to women under severe pressure, like me, she said there was no accepting it.

"We believe that with our treatment motto, which is rebuild, protect and maintain, the skin can fully utilise all necessary processes to fight off acne before it even begins," she said.

Even with old cases of acne there are no failures, she said - and if the pictures on the wall are anything to go by they could be on to something.

True to their rebuild, protect and maintain mantra, my treatment this time was initiated with the alkaline wash and enzyme therapy, followed two weeks later by hydramaze.

Both treatments included unclogging of pores and extraction of stubborn pimples, something I thought was necessary if not overdue.

This is an advanced treatment programme designed to eliminate and clear congestion. Steam gently brushed my skin through each stage of the treatment. The results left my skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Najma said the programme consisted of a series of treatments performed every 14 days for approximately 12 weeks. In addition to the professional treatments, I was advised to use the Danne Acne Corrective product range at home daily.

This treatment has already cleared the acne that ravaged my sideburns for a solid 10 months and this positive result was visible about 20 days after my first treatment.

This is a treatment I would recommend for long-term use. The products are gentle and hypoallergenic, the treatment is safe and thorough and, frankly, I have never used a better product.