The ever-popular Getz is reliable and a great drive

Charl Wilken

Charl Wilken

Going back more than 10 years, who would have thought that Hyundai would become one of the most reliable cars on our roads today?

Apart from being trustworthy, the Hyundai also looks good, is functional and practical. From the well-looked-after interior through to the paintwork, our used Hyundai Getz was immaculate.

The Getz was from the first generation of the most popular Hyundai ever sold in South Africa. The second generation Getz, the one featured, is even more popular than the previous model.

Although this is a small hatchback, there is more than enough space to see four adults sitting comfortably.

The interior of the car is modern. This is also the case with the controls.

The contemporary design, combined with its practicality, makes this vehicle suitable for the needs of a very diverse market out there.

There is not much explaining to do when it comes to the reliability of the Getz. This car has written its own handbook through the years and is well-known by many South Africans for its unbreakable performance.

Our used car had done a mere 38000km. Driving the Getz is easy and the small turning circle makes city driving easy.

Fuel economy is one of the best attributes of the Getz. One can, without trying very hard, get 13km to 14km on a litre.

The four cylinder 1,4 litre powerplant uses a five-speed manual gearbox to deliver power to the front wheels. Power figures stands at 70kW and 125Nm. This may not sound like much, but are more than enough to travel at 120km/h on the freeways.