Audi SA goes green, plans 12000 trees

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Audi SA will be planting one tree for each new Audi model sold in South Africa.

This will be done in conjunction with Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA), a national greening organisation.

The car maker will embark on this ground-breaking environmental project, aimed at combating the rise in CO2 emissions, next month.

The project is also aimed at empowering communities to improve their environments. It will focus on tree planting in the Ekurhuleni area, with the potential to roll out the programme countrywide in the future.

The Trees for Homes programme aims to improve the quality of life of the poor by adding value to the subsidised housing units by providing trees.

"The environment is everybody's business," said Greg Levine, the divisional head of Audi SA.

" No longer is it possible to simply sit back and ignore the impact we are having on our natural environment. Internationally Audi AG is spearheading environmentally-friendly vehicle development, through technologies such as FSI, TDI and ASF (Audi Aluminium Space Frame). Through this initiative, Audi SA will be making a small but vital impact and we would like to start making a change now, for our future."

This potentially means more than 12000 trees a year will be planted at the peak of the initiative.

In the past 18 years, FTFA has distributed more than 3,3million trees in South Africa and helped set up 2000 food gardens.