Zille must debate with ANC members

It's not surprising, but interesting, that the leader of the official opposition wants to debate certain issues with ANC president Jacob Zuma.

Helen Zille must understand that the ANC is a big organisation so she must debate with the entire organisation, not a particular leader.

Recently, she met secretary general Gwede Mantashe and raised the same issues she wants to debate with Zuma.

The ANC is not a cult and its president is part of a collective elected by the majority of its members.

So if Zille wants to test Zuma's leadership, she must have public debates with us, the members. Issues that she wants to debate with our president can better be debated with members.

For instance, the issue of the Scorpions being located within the SAPS is to have political and operational control of the unit - not because it has been successful.

On Zimbabwe, the ANC has said that the crisis can only be resolved by Zimbabweans. The crisis has now reached a point where we need to intensify our solidarity with Zimbabweans.

Zuma said that free and fair elections are impossible, considering the facts and reality.

Zille is out of order to question Zuma's leadership because she is not an ANC member.

Kaizer Mohau, Potchefstroom