Police set trap for R46m robbers

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

Police were already waiting for the R46million bank robbers four hours before they arrived at the scene.

A video footage, played as part of the state's evidence in the Johannesburg high court, shows that the robbers were being watched from the time they drove into FNB premises to the time they got out of their vehicle, walked in, conducted the robbery and tried to flee after being confronted by police.

The nine men are on trial for armed robbery and attempted murder. They allegedly walked into the First National Bank Cash Centre and stole about R46million in 2006.

An affidavit written by investigating officer Inspector Gert Gary Pretorius reveals that on February 3 2006, the police received information about a group of people who were planning to rob the bank.

"From about 1pm on February 11 2006, members of the Special Task Force took up position at or near the bank. Various reports in respect of the arrival of the suspects at the entry into the Cash Centre were made to their commander. At some stage, the police officer in command gave signal upon which police moved into the Cash Centre," he said.

The video footage, taken by CCTV cameras, shows a white minibus with its windows painted white pulling up at one entrance of the building at 4:50pm.

A security guard is seen coming out of the building, looking around and going back in. Three men, dressed in security guard uniforms, are seen getting out of the car and walking into the building.

The trial continues.