durandt in a rage

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

Nick Durandt will appeal to the hierarchy of the World Boxing Council (WBC) for his boxer, Osborne "Maximus" Machimana, to be given a rematch against Joseph Chingangu.

Durandt is spewing bile following what he termed appalling treatment last weekend from the Zambians before and during his charge's failed attempt to dethrone that country's boxer Chingangu of the African Boxing Union (ABU) heavyweight title.

Chingangu stopped Machimana in the seventh round.

"My man slipped as he tried to throw a jab. He went down on one knee, and a Zambian referee stepped in between and stopped the fight. That is as simple as that," said an angry Durandt yesterday.

"I am utterly disgusted. I've been to the whole world and I have never been treated so bad. The Zambian Boxing Commission needs to learn how to run professional boxing."

Durandt said he had written a strongly worded letter to the ABU, and would seek Boxing SA's assistance in writing a letter of appeal to the WBC, which is the mother body to the ABU.

He said Chingangu, 41, was dog tired in the sixth round, and he believed the 29-year-old Machimana would have stopped him in the next two rounds.

"The Zambians started playing games before the weigh-in. It was supposed to be at 11am but started at 3pm. We were also told that our fight will take place at 7pm but it started at 11.25pm. While waiting in our bus, Zambians started hitting the bus with their hands singing xenophobic songs.

"The fight took place inside an open stadium and the canvass was wet. Machimana first slipped in the fourth round but that referee counted.

"There was one legitimate knock down in six... but what happened in the seventh was disgusting."