Abducted for circumcision

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A Limpopo man has been abducted for the second time to undergo circumcision with his son after a school principal suspected he was not initiated.

The 26-year old man from Metz in Sekororo near Tzaneen had gone to the Koma school to register his son but the school principal allegedly told him that he too must be registered.

According to the man's sister, who asked to speak on condition of anonymity, he was forced to undress and show the principal his private parts. But the principal insisted he needed a letter and a photo of his graduation to prove that he was indeed circumcised.

"We had no picture of his graduation to prove to the principal. We only had a letter from his previous school, but still it was not enough for him," she said.

"He said he needed the graduation photo or my brother would be forced to stay in the school until graduation. The principal said he suspected my brother had undergone circumcision in hospital."