'You are the salt of the earth'

FORTHRIGHT: Pastor Bongane Tembane. Pic. Dan Fuphe. 22/06/08. © Sowetan.
FORTHRIGHT: Pastor Bongane Tembane. Pic. Dan Fuphe. 22/06/08. © Sowetan.

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

In line with the ongoing celebrations of Youth Month, the Freeway Park Full Gospel Church in Boksburg yesterday dedicated the church service to scores of its young members.

Pastor Bongane Tembane of the Leachville Full Gospel branch was invited to deliver the Youth Day message.

Tembane told the gathering that young people tended not to take themselves seriously spiritually. He warned them against being distracted by material and "worldly things".

"First love the Lord as you are, and all things you wish for will be granted to you," he said.

Reading from Matthew Chapter 5, Tembane reminded the youth that God created them to be the "salt of the earth".

"We live in times where there is an identity crisis. You are not what your parents want you to be or what your teachers tell you you are, but what God wants you to be.

"As God's children, you must be the salt that will make people outside the church to be thirsty and want to be like you. Salvation must start with you," he said.

Tembane also chided those youth who only came to church because their parents told them to and that failure to comply would see them not getting food at home.

Resident pastor Robert Mdhuli said Youth Day was set aside to give the younger members of the church a platform to express their faith and gratitude to God.