Nazi anthem faux pas

GENEVA - Swiss television subtitlers will receive a special history lesson after mistakenly putting the words of the old Nazi anthem on screen during Germany's Euro 2008 clash against Austria on Monday.

"We are going to hold a special history lesson for all German-speaking staff to explain the issues surrounding the national anthem," said Gion Linder, the national coordinator for subtitling at the SRG television station.

Two young female editors mistakenly put up the words sung in the Nazi era - including the triumphalist line "Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles" (Germany over everything), which is no longer sung.

"We have spoken to the two employees and established that this was not done deliberately but was a result of the stress they were under," Linder said.

The two women are still employed by SRG but are not working at present, he added.

Both the Nazi version and the present day one come from the same song, das Deutschlandlied, composed by August Heinrich Hoffmann in 1841 from music by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn.

Used in its entirety as the national anthem from 1922, the Nazis only sang the first verse while post World War Two Germany sings just the third verse. - Sapa-AFP