Just give us the truth

The judicial system is the cornerstone of democracy and as such has to be respected at all times.

All efforts have to be made to uphold the dignity of our courts and to ensure that they act independently and without fear or favour.

We are disturbed by the serious allegations levelled at Cape Judge President John Hlophe, which have rocked the constitutional court and could undermine the credibility of the judiciary.

What is more shocking, though, is the claim that Hlophe told two constitutional court judges that he had connections with the National Intelligence Agency and was also politically well connected.

Hlophe has been accused of trying to influence the two judges to apparently rule in favour of ANC president Jacob Zuma in pending cases in the constitutional court.

Allegations against him must be viewed in a very serious light.

Interfering with the duties of the courts is a severe violation of the independence of the judiciary and of the country's Constitution.

However, a lot of caution needs to be applied.

Hlophe is not guilty and will remain innocent until proven otherwise.

We appeal to the Judicial Service Commission to act swiftly in its probe.

The nation is waiting to know the truth.