Jakameni prepare for Norway

Matome Lebea

Matome Lebea

Jakameni Primary School in Mokopane, Limpopo, has put in place a rigorous training programme for their U-14 girls soccer team as part of their preparations for the Norwegian Cup.

The tournament will take place in Norway from July 20 to August 2.

The Mokopane school qualified for the competition after they won the provincial Sports Coaches Outreach (Score) competition recently.

The Score competition is organized yearly throughout the country for pupils in rural and impoverished areas. This year was Limpopo's turn.

"We started with the training sessions on Monday and it will roll until July 19 when we will be leaving for Norway," Johannes "Ten-Ten" Matsetela, the school's coach, said.

"We will engage the provincial structure of the South African Football Association (Safa) for technical advice and assistance.

"We are confident that these girls will not add to the numbers in Norway, instead they will bring home some silverware."

Score is involved in assisting the players to get ready for the trip.

"We are currently assisting the learners to learn the Norwegian culture and language to ensure that they adapt easily during their two-week stay in that country," Eric Mkondo, Score's provincial trainer, said.

Nakedi Lekota, Safa's provincial president, has also made an undertaking to support the school.

"Our provincial coaches are ready to help the girls physically and psychologically to ensure that they are ready for the tournament.

It remains our responsibility as the football federation to assist in any football activities provincially," Lekota said yesterday.