Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

Her father started raping her when she was five years old. He infected her with HIV-Aids and after years of abuse and no police action she hired hitmen to kill him.

"The accused has killed her father and has to be punished," Judge Neels Claassen said in the Vereeniging circuit court yesterday. "The court has to impose an appropriate sentence to fit the crime."

He handed down a suspended sentence, which means she won't have to go to jail for ending the life of the man who also raped and infected her mother with the deadly disease.

The 27-year-old Orange Farm woman cannot be named to protect her identity.

The woman said that at the age of 16 she resorted to alcohol to numb the pain. She fell pregnant with the child of another man who had since died of an Aids-related illness.

Now the woman has infected her current husband with the virus. But, the man is supportive and has forgiven her, Claassen said.

Passing sentence Claassen said the woman had suffered long enough at the hands of her father.

"Her father destroyed her life. In order to escape from an abusive father the accused and her mother ran away but he followed them and continued to rape them.

"The mother laid charges but to no avail. The charges were never followed up by the police."

The woman arrived at court carrying a big black bag and blankets, ready to start a new life in jail.

But it was not to be. She cried, jumped and hugged her mother and everybody who came close to her after hearing she was not going to jail after all.

"Her life and future are under threat. Despite taking anti-retroviral drugs her life is not secured," Claassen had said earlier.

The judge said according to medical reports she was likely to live for five or 10 years.

"She is already being punished and carries the punishment in her body. There is nothing the court can do to extend her punishment."