Judges must set good example

If the reports carried by City Press on June 15 about the shabby and unfair treatment of Judge John Hlophe are true, then our country is in trouble.

The two judges, whom we were previously told were the complainants, have apparently issued a joint statement to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) saying they have not lodged a complaint and do not want to.

But it seems the constitutional court will not stop its vilification of Hlophe and will pursue the matter.

The unfair treatment of Hlophe by his counterparts in the highest court in the land is indeed a sign that our judicial system is in a state of disarray.

I never thought constitutional court judges could stoop this low and rush to the media with pronouncements on allegations that have not yet been put to the test.

This is tantamount to declaring someone guilty before the case is heard.

We regard the judges as people who promote and protect the basic principles of the law, defend the Constitution and teach us how democracy works.

Instead they spit on the principle of allowing an accused person their dignity. What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise?

Judges should desist from such behaviour and restore the dignity of our judicial system.

Phaladi Seakgwe, Tshwane