Doreen Zimbizi

Doreen Zimbizi

When I was growing up we were allowed to dream but cars were not part of my dreams.

But I remember the Pink Cadillac song. It's been ringing in my head for a few weeks now.

Firstly in anticipation of actually driving one and then actually driving around for about 10 days recently.

I will never forget a Cadillac. An STS is what I just drove, and I felt like a princess. Actually I tasted the good life most moneyed people enjoy and the joy they derive from turning heads when they drive past.

I now understand why people feel so important when they drive those huge American gas guzzlers, which are the envy of most of us who are so underpaid that even if you worked for a 100 years you could never afford one.

Thanks to my motoring editor I was the toast of the town for a few days, turning heads wherever I went. I chuckled to myself most of the time when I parked the "huge" car and everyone stared at me and my vehicle.

I knew they were wondering how I, an ordinary-looking woman, could afford such a machine.

Grown men, women and security guards stopped and admired "my" wheels. Some brave enough asked what car it was, if I had driven all the way from Eastern Cape and how much I earned to afford such a beauty.

Depending on how bitchy or playful I felt, I would string them along.

"No I won the lotto" or "it's a borrowed car". "No, I didn't drive from EC but the car comes from there."

One afternoon as I returned from a supermarket, a young boy was explaining to his mom what model it was, the horsepower and such stuff. He must have been 11 but he knew a lot about cars. I was impressed.

As I clicked the car open his mom looked up and apologised for "us snooping around your beautiful, amazing car. He just loves cars and was explaining what this one is".

I smiled and said it was OK. As I drove off, I had this smug look on my face, wondering if she was wondering how the hell I could afford such a car.

The Cadillac STS is huge, beautiful and drives like a dream. It's intimidating as well. Each time I got behind the wheel, I felt happy. I wanted to show it off. I wanted people to admire it.

It's a full house and if you are like me, who for the longest of times religiously only drove a manual car, you will fall in love with this automatic. It's got so much power that once or twice I gave a BMW driver a run for his money. It felt so good to kick the dust in his face.

The one I drove has a beautiful panel. The leather interior, sunroof and expansive tail and head lights are impressive. Inside it's spacious. There is so much leg room for both the driver and passengers.

Bottom line: if you get a chance, you should drive a STS Cadillac. Even if its just a test drive around the block. It will be worth your while. This car has technical features to cause havoc among enthusiasts.

The STS has maximum power of 239kW and peak torque of 425Nm. This is sufficient to propel the STS from rest to 100kmh in just around seven seconds, but the manufacturer claims 6,2 seconds. The STS is priced at just under R500000.