Malema was out of order

I refer to the statement made by ANC Youth League president Julius Malema on the occasion of celebrating Youth Day in Bloemfontein.

While sharing the podium with ANC president Jacob Zuma, Malema said that if Zuma was found guilty at his impending trial and sent to jail, "we will kill for Zuma".

Our country has only recently been affected by barbaric, xenophobic attacks that have badly tarnished the image of our beautiful country. Malema's statement is very provocative and we cannot afford further bloodshed.

We need visionary leadership, such as that of Nelson Mandela, who proclaimed the ideal of a united South Africa.

Malema's statement confirmed what the people of Limpopo have said about him, that he has no real respect for people.

How can he begin to suggest war on the occasion of celebrating Youth Day?

June 16 is important to the youth of South Africa and it needs to be celebrated in a style that shows respect for cadres who fought for this democracy.

It tells us, the youth of South Africa, that we need to protect the legacy left by freedom fighters such as student leaders Tsietsi Mashinini and Khotso Seatlholo.

Thom Legoete,

Itsoseng, North West