Creative approach to curtains

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

How many times have you been in a room and felt it would have looked better "had it lost that curtain"!

According to Ester Blecher, a curtain specialist, many people forget that curtains are an essential component of successful room decor.

"Curtains provide style and grace and they add a touch of intimacy, elegance and style to a room," Blecher says. "They soften a window's angular lines, reduce the noise level in a room and frame, filter or control the light from outside."

Blecher says global window fashion trends continue to be dominated by texture in both blinds and curtains. She says sheers are popular in metallic and high lustre yarns and romantic images.

French chintz designs look fresh and dynamic and coordinate beautifully with ranges incorporating prints, Jacquards, solids and sheers.

"Minimalist roller and Roman blinds are softened when used with modern sheers and drapery fabrics.

"Bold and strong colours are emerging again in drapery, with limes, oranges and earthy tones being in."

She says many people make the mistake of using the same curtains in summer and winter.

"In winter you need an intimate feel," she says. "Warm, rich colours, such as reds and browns work very well. They help make a room appear smaller and warmer and can contribute to a feeling of intimacy.

"It is advisable to choose soft and heavy material such as velvet or a similar fabric."

Blecher says breezy, cool curtains in pastels are right for summer.

"Bright colours or light pastels evoke a feeling of openness and happiness. These are especially appropriate in summer when one wants to feel cooler."

She says cool colours such as blues and greens make a room more elegant and formal.

"They make a room appear bigger. Choose light fabrics such as silk and linen.

"Bring formality and elegance to a room with light fabrics in opaque and solid cool colours."

Tips on selecting curtains

lThe first thing is to consider is the colour scheme. The most important thing is that the colour or pattern of a curtain has to compliment the other items in the room.

lWhen selecting a colour or design it is important to consider the outdoor light that you want in the room.

A lot of light can make a room appear larger. To block out light, consider darker curtains with a light inset.

lConsider the length of the curtains. To make a room appear higher, choose longer curtains. For a "formal" feel, longer curtains are also appropriate.

If the room is decorated in a casual theme, choose curtains that are shorter. Consider tying curtains back during the day if you want a room to appear wider.

lPay attention to the curtain rods. The design and type of rod depends on the design and type of curtain.

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