Unity will save Zimbabwe

It is clear that the much-anticipated run-off election in Zimbabwe will not be free and fair because of the high level of violence in that country.

I believe that as part of the solution it is imperative for Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangarai to meet now and form a government of national unity that will discuss the transitional process.

These two leaders, with Simba Makoni, Jonathan Moyo and other stakeholders, must put the interests of ordinary people first rather than continue acting as if they were born to lead for ever.

After all, no one in this world is entitled to lead the masses because it is the people who have the power to elect whoever they wish.

The AU and SADC should also take the blame for failing to show leadership when it matters most.

So I want to emphasise that the Zimbabwean elections are doomed to fail because of the animosity between the main warring Zanu-PF and MDC parties.

Gaddafi Mokoteli,