Suspected killer in theft probe

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

The police will investigate reports that a man previously arrested in connection with the death of a farm manager is among those who broke into an office on the farm New Venture near Melmoth on the KwaZuluNatal North Coast.

The robbers are reported to have made off with crucial documents.

Police spokesman Muzi Mgomezulu said the robbers broke into the office early yesterday morning.

"We have not established the motive for the robbery but reports from the farm owner suggest that the documents were linked to an ongoing farm dispute," Mgomezulu said.

"We also heard reports that farm security may have identified the robbers."

Farm owner Mark Chennells alleged that the leader of the pre-dawn robbery was the man arrested in connection with last year's murder of his farm manager, Kenneth Eva.

Eva was beaten to death with sticks and knobkerries by farm workers when he attended a meeting with 250 people.

His vehicle was also burnt.

A man was arrested in connection with the murder and later released.

Eva's family has since demanded to be told why no one was arrested for his death.

Part of the farm New Venture has been at the centre of a bitter land dispute for several years.

Eva's death is reportedly linked to the conflict.