Intellectual Sello dies

Sammy Moretsi

Sammy Moretsi

Former university lecturer, mine director and consultant Lucky Samuel Sello died in a car accident last Wednesday.

Sello, 34, died after colliding with a police vehicle on his way home to Kagiso, Mogale City, where he was born and raised.

The young intellectual and socialite was a permanent feature at social gatherings in the area. His brother Emmanuel remembers him as a well-respected person who loved debates.

His colleagues say he did not mind spending his salary to help youths in his neighbourhood to further their studies. He was a chess champion and also never missed a Manchester United game.

Sello was a qualified metallurgist who worked for De Beers and also lectured at Wits University.

He is survived by his parents, a brother and sister. Sello will be buried tomorrow at Kagiso Cemetery. The service starts at 8am at Kagiso 2 Hall. The cortege proceeds to the cemetery at 9am.