Hard at work watching pornography

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Regarded as a hard worker in the office, his colleagues were unaware that the man had an eye for naked women in compromising positions.

When the manager in the office of the deputy director-general for curriculum in Mpumalanga, Deon van Vuuren, was suspended for abusing state resources after it was found that he spent most of his "productive" time watching pornography on his computer screen, they were shocked.

Van Vuuren has since pleaded guilty to the charges. He was given a final warning, three months suspension and will not be paid for one month as punishment for his actions.

For the past few months, he was seen glued to his computer screen. Sources in the department of education told Sowetan yesterday that Van Vuuren had downloaded lurid sex material onto his work computer and spent most of his time watching pornography and erotic material during office hours.

"Everybody thought he was a workaholic because he reported earlier than everybody and spent most of the time on his computer and never allowed anyone to disturb him," said a source.

He allegedly also called adult chat lines.

But his practice came to an abrupt end after officials busted him. He apparently confessed to have been watching pornography for some "tips" and described his actions as "basic curiosity".

Provincial department spokesman Jasper Zwane confirmed the incident and said that Van Vuuren had been charged.

"Our IT system is very advanced in that we are able to pick up such tendencies.

"He pleaded guilty during his hearing and showed remorse, but should he be found guilty of the same crime, he will be dismissed," Zwane said.