Spreading her angel wings

GREAT GIFT: The new uniforms and takkies that have made the Mama's Angels netball team very happy. © Sowetan.
GREAT GIFT: The new uniforms and takkies that have made the Mama's Angels netball team very happy. © Sowetan.

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

In a Sowetan first, Mama Angel has spread her wings of compassion across our borders to Swaziland to bring joy to a group of young girls in the Piggs Peak region.

The girls, who are part of the BoshAid orphans programme, formed a netball team recently to take part in the local league.

Though they have been competing every Saturday morning, they unfortunately had no team colours or playing strip.

That all changed last week with the arrival of Mama Angel and a brand-new set of uniforms and takkies for the girls to wear.

"Up until now the girls have been wearing an assortment of clothes - and sometimes their school uniforms - so now they can take to the courts proud about how they look," said BoshAid coordinator Treasure Msweli when he accepted the parcels from Sowetan's Lindi Obose.

"We decided to form a netball team to give the girls something to do on a Saturday mornings and to provide them with a positive activity," Msweli said.

"The girls really are enjoying it and I'm sure with the new team outfits their enthusiasm will be even greater."

Now named "Mama's Angels", the girls are sporting a lovely bright red strip and white takkies that are guaranteed to take them to the top of their division.

Nomsa Dlamini, who has applied for a Swaziland government bursary to study accounting next year, and also forms part of the netball team, was thrilled with the uniforms.

"Now we are a proper team. The girls will be united when we take on our opposition and I'm sure we will do Mama Angel proud," Dlamini said.

As if the netball outfits were not enough, Mama Angel dug deep into her heart - and purse - to also provide warm blankets for the 23 orphans that BoshAid currently sponsors.

With the winter chill settling in on this remote part of Swaziland, at least we know some children will be sleeping warm at night, thanks to this worthy Sowetan initiative.

"We can't thank you enough," said a grateful Msweli.

"This is a very poor area and it's because of company's like Sowetan that the lives of these children are made a little easier. Thanks a million."

l To view a video of Mama Angel's trip to Swaziland visit www.sowetan.co.za