Ultimate survivor Bear Grylls is back

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

If the new series, Ultimate Survival 2, is anything to go by it looks as if reality shows are here to stay.

Ultimate Survival 2 focuses on adventurer-cum-tourist Bear Grylls, who has only one aim - to stay alive in any and every dangerous situation he finds himself in.

Ultimate Survival 2 started on Monday June 9 at 9pm on the DStv Discovery Channel 250.

With little more than a knife and the clothes on his back, Ultimate Survival 2 sees Bear once again parachuting into some of the most inhospitable landscapes on earth.

He puts himself in the shoes of a stranded tourist and uses his wits to survive and come out alive!

Viewers' eyes popped when the action started with hair-raising drops into the infamous Viper Pits on the Camino Reale in Panama and later the disembowelling of a dead camel in the teams search for food and shelter in the Sahara.

It was also about trying to survive the extreme cold of Siberia and facing his biggest fears as he fights his way out of the crevasses in Patagonia.

In Ultimate Survival 2 Bear seeks out the kind of extreme survival challenges that have the odds heavily stacked against him.

His survival does not only depend on using his own survival skills. He also has to adopt techniques used by indigenous tribes as he makes his way out of the wilderness back to civilisation.

Along the way there are plenty of gutwrenching moments as he snacks on everything from a scorpion to a vine snake.

Throughout his journey Bear is followed by an intrepid camera crew, whose security and welfare are in his hands.

Though they are never seen you will hear Bear speak to them to explain how he is going to lead the team to safety.

The crew might challenge Bear, but ultimately they trust his superior survival skills. They deal with hardships as a team and emerge triumphant as a team.