Sing a feast of clever comedy and satire

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Those who are into Afrikaans musicals will have a good time next month when Sing is staged in the Pro Musica Theatre in Florida, west of Johannesburg.

The production which, among others, stars one of the icons of Afrikaans musicals, Tobie Cronje, will be on from July 5 until July 20.

I am not partial to Afrikaans musicals, but those who love the genre will tell you that productions of this nature have a cult following in Afrikaans circles.

But in recent years there has been a conspicuous lull in Afrikaans musicals .

Sing is said to be a play about music and culture - with comic results.

Those familiar with the production say it is a "feast of clever comedy, with biting satire and mad musical murder".

Besides Cronje, the stars of the musical are Lizz Meiring and Terence Bridget.

It is also described as a fresh, original, black comedy-thriller, that takes Afrikaans theatre to new heights.

It will be interesting to see if it brings back the spark that used to endear Afrikaans comedy to the hearts of many people.

Sing was written by awardwinning playwright Wikus du Toit.

Cronje celebrates nearly 40 years as a performer. Lizz Meiring brings her formidable comedic talent to the show and Terence Bridgett displays his exceptional versatility .

Sing is set in the Baroque era. It is 1794 in the court of King Louis XVI and Toon (Bridgett) and Tril (Cronje) are the music maestros in the employ of the French king.

They regard themselves as musical geniuses but earning a living means giving singing lessons to the tone deaf, untalented ladies of the court.

They are waiting for His Highness' mistress, Madame Ratatuur (Meiring), to show up for a singing lesson when they unexpectedly receive a letter from the Sun King himself.

The message is spine-chilling: "I suspect my mistress Madame Ratatuur is a spy. Kill her."

The two are not murderers, so they have to find another way - murdering with music.

"What ensues is a highly original, surprising chain of events, filled with funny, madcap and yet sophisticated entertainment.

Rapidly rising young director Alby Michaels, known for his ground-breaking productions, leads the highly experienced cast.

Internationally trained composer David Boverhoff and a chamber orchestra provides the music.

The sumptuous costumes are by theatre stalwarts Anne and Kirsten Bailes and the glorious wigs by Robert van der Westhuizen.