Politicians fail to deliver

The events which took place in the past month in relation to Afrophobia is a time bomb we are sitting on as a country.

The fact is that service delivery remained core and fundamental to all law-abiding citizens. This led to criminal elements taking advantage of the situation.

Our politicians have failed the country dismally. The contradictory statements made by the President, Ronnie Kasrils and Charles Nqakula are a case in point.

This even led to premiers and councillors not knowing what to do about the situation. NGOs were forced to put their heads on the block and come to the rescue of our African brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers and children.

The disturbing thing is that at the end of the month, all government officials, more so ward councillors, will be smiling all the way to the banks, yet they are failing to execute their tasks of service delivery.

Streets in townships such as Katlehong are as they were before 1994, corruption is the order of the day, the only thing they are interested in are tenders and celebratory events which come at a price.

University graduates are not being absorbed by our economy, a number of them remain unemployed and the inflation rate is increasing at a fast pace.

Gordon Ngubo ka-Mthembu

TAC Gauteng chairman