Christian men unite to fight child abuse

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

Thousands of Christian men from across the racial divide will come together on Youth Day next Monday - June 16 - in Pietermaritzburg to protest against child abuse and violence.

"We want to promote the highest values of human dignity, equality and the advancement of human rights," said organiser Pastor Lee Rajah.

"We want to encourage men to dedicate themselves to a movement which will revive fundamental human values and achieve respect for and protection of human dignity."

Rajah said the idea for the movement, The Combined Men's Fellowship (CMF), emerged from a monthly gathering of Christian men.

"Child abuse and violence is rife in our community. The men felt that as fathers and sons we need to take a stand and restore dignity in our communities," he said.

He said the breakdown in family values was the cause of many social problems, especially when fathers left the marital home.

"The problems of crime and violence in the community and schools are indicative of children and people lacking the security of family love, authentic emotional bonding, social acceptance, learning, approval and affirmation.

"Out of this was bornthe Combined Men's Fellowship," Rajah said.